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It’s a Girl Problem: Single Parenthood


As the mother of the child, you will carry the child for 40 weeks. When it’s time to leave the hospital, the child goes home with you. While, you would think the father of the child will do the right thing and be an active parent regardless if you two are a couple, that’s not always the case. When that happens you will have to be a single parent. It can be tough trying to be both parents for the child. But you are strong enough to do...

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It’s a Girl Problem: Self-Esteem


Self-esteem is a big issue that girls face. There are so many factors that goes into building and maintaining an healthy self-esteem. However, there so many things that can damage a girl’s self esteem. If you want to live a fulfilling life, you will need a healthy self-esteem. A positive self-esteem will also help you feel better about yourself.

Here are some helpful links for building a healthy self-esteem:

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It’s A Girl Problem: Sexual Assault


Being sexually assaulted is a girl’s worse fear. It happens more often than it should. When it does it’s important to seek help to heal properly. Remember, this is nothing to be embarrassed about. Talking to someone will help.  Joining a support group will give you the comfort to know that you are not alone...

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It’s A Girl Problem: Girl vs. Girl Bullying

ItsaGIrlBullying is a big issues that the world face. But girl vs girl bullying is a girl issue. As girls we should uplift and encourage each other not bully each other. Bullying can manifest in my forms such as online through social media, verbal insults, and participating by listening or sharing.  Girls can be mean, especially to each other.

Words hurt… words of others can be painful and damaging to our self-image and self-esteem...

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It’s A Girl Problem: Sexual Pressure and Sexting


Growing up can be rough. The older you get, the more pressure you face to have sex. Sex is supposed to be a personal choice that you make when you are ready to. But this can be hard. Girls face a lot of pressure to have sex before they are ready to do so. This often leads to girls having sex before they are emotionally ready to do so and often she will regret it later. Girls if you don’t want to have sex, than don’t. Rise above the pressure to do so...

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OOTD: Wedding Time



Dress: Fashion Nova// Necklace: Love Culture//
Clutch: Karma Loop/ Shoes: Payless

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OOTD: Feminine Look


Sweater: Forever 21// Dress: Forever 21// Shoes: Payless

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Dating Mocktail: Meet the Parents Mocktail


(3 cups) meeting the parents for the first time

(2.5 cups) nervousness and anxiety

(4.5 cups) trying to find the perfect outfit

(3 cups) trying to make best impression



Mix all the ingredients together and you are anxiously awaiting your first meeting with the parents. Your nervous about making the best impression and hoping they will love you...

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How to deal with a job offer

Job offers

You were offered the position, now what? You first need to decide if you want to accept the offer or not.

If yes, than accept the offer in the proper way. Whether it’s a verbal yes you would like the position or in writing. Than negotiate a start date. If you want to negotiate a salary and benefits, do that before accepting the offer. Be sure to ask what documents they need you to bring in for paperwork on the first day.

If no, than politely decline either verba...

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Prime Remi Peruvian Remi Review


I originally bought this hair because the beauty supply was phasing this particular brand out, so the hair was on sale. Since I am on a tight budget for the summer and the price was decent, I thought I would give it a try. Hearing that the beauty supply was phasing the hair out made me nervous but seeing how much of it that was sold out made me feel a little better.


My Review

  • Minimal shedding
  • Feels soft
  • Nice packaging
  • Low maintenance
  • No tangling
  • Not too expens...
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